Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lawatan ke segamat

Alhandulillah, walaupun sy tercampak ke bumi bertuah segamat.... Tp sy ttp dikelilingi oleh org tersayang.... My parents, siblings.... Staff poli segamat... N of course encik fiance.... Sanggup dtg dr pekan... Bawa famous amors mmndangkan cik tunang kempunan nk mkn.... Walaupun sebnrnya kedatangn famous amors lebih dihargai, tetapi kehadiran tetamu ttp diraikan hehe.... Actually kalau encik tunang x der, biasanya lepas blk rumah sy akan mkn apa saja yg ada di rumah.... Segamat not a safety place for single lady to hang out at late night alone.... Tp mlm kelmarin pkl 8 mlm kami terus g mkn kt juara ikan bakar... The food there quite nice but the waiting time was tooooo long which made two of us chnged to incredble hulk..... Siakap bakar, puyuh goreng n soup cendawan.... Hehe.... But the soup cendawan was real soup cendawan.... They used soup lembu cmpur ngn cendawan sotong n chunk of chicken.... The taste? Obviously taste like soup lembu muhaha.... But becoz we both were too hungry we just ignore it and telan what ever they serve... Rm30... I think quite cheap for 3 dishes n remmber we hv somthng we call SIAKAP BAKAR..... hehe... Then last night as i was too full as ate lunch late, so i slept soundly eventhough i didnt take dinner.... Hehe... But now, @ 6 a.m. My brain keep on asking me to get mcD breakfast... Hehe....

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Muhammad said...

Juz a few month away dear.. Then after tht Insya Allah u will save at KL.. :).. Take care..

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